Advantages of using Tecnicrafts Collets and Guide Bushes:


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are made to tight tolerances to suit sliding fit and with high quality surface finishes, which can help to improve the accuracy,finish of the machined parts.


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are made from High Qualtiy Steel and Carbides that are resistant to wear, Thus rendering good life and reduce the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are designed to provide best resilience to cyclic loading & excellent performance in a range of machining applications. The special inhouse heat treatment process enables to improve their performance and extend their life.


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are designed to be compatible with a wide range of Machine models and Versions, making them suitable for use anywhere across the world.


Tecnicrafts offers a range of collets and guide bushes in different sizes, shapes and materials to suit different applications. Tecnicrafts also offer customization options for special Swiss turning requirements or applications.

Quality control

Tecnicrafts has strict quality control measures at each manufacturing stage to ensure that its collets and guide bushes meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.


Tecnicrafts provides technical support and assistance to help customers select the best collets and guide bushes for their specific needs and applications.


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are designed and manufactured to be reliable that can withstand the rigorous machining operations. They are built to last, which can help to reduce downtime and improve overall productivity.


Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushes are competitively & economically priced, making them a cost-effective & Quality choice for many Swiss turning operations. When compared to the costs of frequent replacements and downtime for maintenance, high quality Tecnicrafts Products can provide long-term & sustained cost savings.

Easy to use

Overall, Tecnicrafts  is the last & final stop for any needs of Swiss turning Collets and Guide bushes  that can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your machining operations, providing long-term cost savings, ,improved performance and reliability of your machining operations.