Tecnicrafts “Collets”

Collets are the holding devices of Tool or Raw materials or Components while machining and other operations. Tecnicrafts manufactures vide varieties of Dead Length Collets (also called as F-Type Collets) under its integrated manufacturing facility located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu – South India.

The Dead length Collets are used on Main and Rear Spindles in many turning machines like Cam operated lathes like Tornos, Strohm, Bechler, Traub and CNC Swiss automatic lathes like Citizen-Cincom, Tornos, Star, Tsugami, Hanwha, Nexturn, Nomura, KSI-Swiss, Ge-Fong, Goodway, Wivia, Poly GIM, Swiss-Tek, Manurhin, Eurotech, Doosan and Maier machines to name a few. There are many other machines that uses Tecnicrafts Collets for various machining applications.

Supported Brands

Collets made of High-quality spring steel

Tecnicrafts Collets are made of High-quality spring steel from renowned steel manufacturers and are machined and heat treated with inhouse Hardening and Tempering furnaces to obtain homogeneous grain structure and optimum spring qualities like Hardness, better Springing and strength, Wear resistance.

There is various type of Collets like ER collet, Dead length collets, Draw in Collets Push type collets, etc.,

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  • Made from quality steels, carbides
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  • Quality driven process and control
  • All processes and facilities under one roof
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